A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch

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A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch

To His Wonderful Fans

A Christmas Wish from Benedict Cumberbatch A Christmas Wish from Benedict Cumberbatch

‚I’m so lucky to have such supportive and generous fans. Nothing would make me happier though than for their love, time, effort and money to be channelled towards people who are really in need at Christmas. Homeless charities, humanitarian organisations and human rights charities all deserve our support. If that seems too impersonal for you or you don’t have any money to give please just do someone a favour who needs it or who you love as that’s the best Christmas present I could ever think of having. Goodwill to all! Thank you again to all those that did this for my birthday I was soo moved by the money raised and all your ‚Batch Of Kindness‘ stories… As I think it was called… Silly names aside the deeds were marvellous, imaginative and so generous…

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