Schreiben – Writing down my thoughts – I want to

In „Writing down my thoughts“ schreibe ich Dinge auf, über die ich viel nachdenke. Ich schreibe einfach meine Gedanken auf, ohne Korrektur hinterher, auf Englisch. Es sollen keine Gedichte sein, eher im Stil von poetry slam.

In „Writing down my thoughts“ I write down things, which I am thinking of a lot and which are important to me. I just write down my thoughts and additionally in English. I also won’t change anything in my texts after I wrote them down the first time. The most of them won’t rhyme, because it’s more in the style of poetry slam. 

I want to

I want to cut my hair really short,
one of these cool hairstyles.

I want to wear „cool“ clothes.
Clothes that are wide and boy-like and ripped.

I want to just pack a backpack with a few things
money, my phone, some books, food, water – and just go.

I want to go along the road until my feet hurt.
I want to tramp and get somewhere far away.
I want to do all these jobs like waiting at tables,
I want to sleep at houses from strangers or in a rent car.

I want to break all the rules and laws
and I don’t want to worry about anything.

I want to go bungee-jumping from a bridge
and to jump from a cliff into the sea
and to fly above the world
and to jump out of an airplane.

I want to spray art on walls and bridges,
secretly and illegally.
I want to feel the rush and the adrenaline that comes with all these things.
I want to run away from the cops and to go swimming in the middle of the night.

I want to dance in public and sing and scream
and don’t care about all the others.

I want to climb on house tops
and sit there and watch the sun set and rise.

I want to travel through my beloved countries
and get to know tons of people.

I want to sit in the nature and draw or read
or just think and watch the beauty around me.

But I don’t do it.

Because of
Worried parents.
My future.
Because I’m ‚destroying my life‘.

So I don’t do it.

But I want to.
Oh, I want to.

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