Gefunden: Fundstücke #33 // Great Stuff #33: 20 Rare Historic Photos

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China Bambi

20 Rare Historic Photos You Probably Haven’t Yet Seen

We’ve all seen the famous pictures of Neil Armstrong bouncing on the Moon or a peaceful protester blocking tanks in Tiananmen square. These and many more powerful photos captured not only the image but the whole story perfectly. And apparently, there are more of those incredible shots which, for some reason, weren’t that widespread.

Thankfully, the guys at Bored Panda have compiled a list of these rare historic shots. From famous landmarks being built to tragic events during the wars, these photos have cemented key moments in time that you now get to witness.. a few of these have come up in previous blogs.. the ‚Beautiful Suicide‘ is always my fav striking image.

(h/t: boredpanda/demilked)

#1 Nikola Tesla Sitting In His Laboratory With His “Magnifying Transmitter”


Image source: unknown.

#2 Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes During WWII


Image source: Gerald Waller

#3 Dorothy Counts – The First Black…

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