Au Pair – lustige Dinge, die Kinder sagen // funny things children say

English version is below the German one.

Als Au Pair verbringt man ja nun doch einige Zeit mit kleinen Kindern, die alles mögliche von sich geben. Besonders, wenn sie im Alter von 5 Jahren sind, kann das durchaus lustig werden, da sie inzwischen über Dinge nachdenken und eben ein gewisses Verständnis für so manches haben, aber doch eben noch so jung sind, dass vieles davon vollkommen aus dem Kontext gerissen ist, unsinnig ist, diese kindliche Unschuld hat, usw. Ich habe angefangen, ein paar der Dinge aufzuschreiben und dachte, dass ich das ja mal mit euch teilen könnte.

As an Au Pair I naturally spent quite a lot of time with small children, who say lots of different things. Especially if they’re in the age around 5 it can be quite funny, as they already think about things and have some sort of comprehension for it, but are still to young to fully grasp it or say thinks completely out of context or nonsensical or with that childhood innocence etc. I started to write down a few of the things and thought that you might find it funny as well.

  • The children are in the schoolyard and are talking about a teacher.

Child 1: Mrs. C. is leaving the school!
Child 2: Nooo, she is not! She is probably staying here until she dies.

  • My birthday was soon to come, so the little one asks me about it: 

„What do you want for your birthday? Maybe an elephant!! …but you can’t take that home, it’s too big to fit in the plane… but an elephant! That would be a biiiiiig surprise!!“

  • The children are playing „tag“/“(you’re) it“ (Fangen) in the schoolyard, three of them standing together for a moment. Then one of them says in a super serious, grave voice, like it’s directly from a horror movie:

„Girls. I’m it. Run.“

  • I’m downstairs to start preparing dinner, the little one (here for the sake of anonymity A) is still upstairs, wanted to finish playing with lego for a minute. 

A (suddenly shouting): ANICA!!!
Me (concerned): A??
A: …
Me: A?
A: …
Me (on my way upstairs): A, what’s up?? What happened?
A (totally calm & unharmed): Do you know that mermaids don’t sleep?

  • Children in the schoolyard, arguing:

Child: Big Ben!! It’s big and it as a Ben on it!!

  • Mother is talking to her child about the BBC’s charity:

Mother: So, can you tell me anything about Children In Need?
Child: Where is Need?

  • Child: All straight girls want curly hair!
  • Child: I’m trying to get my wobbly tooth out, so I get moneeeeeyyy!

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